I almost forgot.

This whole thing was supposed to be a daily practice. We'll see if I actually manage to get in the habit.

I re-made the home page of this site today. I guess I figured I should put something that specifies why people might want to contact me in a professional context. I guess the core of what I do is design systems, and write code... but I've been writing less and less code lately. I spend more time in marketing and analytics tools, or looking over UI designs. I've been building style guides fairly often lately, too. And working on brand identities. Hell, I've been building pitch decks, and proofreading business plans, too. So who am I professionally? I'm not completely sure. I think I see my role primarily as helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small organisations, primarily with social or environmental missions, solve a pretty broad spectrum of problems with digital tools and skills.

I'm not sure there's a word for that. If so, I'd love to learn it.

Edit: I just realized that I did indeed forget to write yesterday. 🥔